1. Open the link
  2. Login using the assigned username with password
  3. Go to Autos Section   
  4. A list of the listed cars will show up, to add car go to the top and click on [New Auto] 
  5. Prompt window for listing cars will show up, start with entering car title, you will find area for description (optional to fill), it will be displayed below the car images.
  6. Fill the auto details, be sure that (Year, Milellage and Price) are filled, if empty in the front page the quick info will display blank area; all rest fields are OPTIONAL to fill.
  7. If there is a specific contact person, office to contact please fill the contact area, it will be shown as a tab in the car page, if kept empty no tab will be shown (optional field) 
  8. If you have any custom tabs need to be added like (Finance aids, Loans, Offers, Warranty, etc …) you can add it through this custom tab.
  9. On the right section you will find Models for the cars, you can select multiple values like (Toyota, Lexus) for single car, keeping it empty WILL NOT SHOW THE CAR IF USER FILTERED THE RESULTS. 
  10. Below the models, there will be the car body type, you can select multiple values though better to select one 
  11. Below Body Style you will find the Equipments and features for the car, select as many as applicable to the car (e.g. Navigation, Leather, etc..) 
  12. Below Body Styles you will find Post Order section, modifying the value will keep the car post always in this particular order  (e.g. Lexus LS460 in order 1 will keep it always the first result), and the default value for normal ordering is 0. 
  13. To add and manage the gallery, click on [Manage Gallery] and select as much as images applicable to the car to be displayed to the user 
  14. You MUST choose featured image that will be the preview thumbnail for the car post 
  15. You will have three main options for highlight the car: 
    1. Featured: Will be displayed in the main page
    2. Sold: Any car is no longer available can be tagged with sold, it will not be shown in the Car listing (can be displayed)
    3. Reserved: The car is available but reserved for someone
  16. After finishing you can click on [Submit] or [Submit for Review]  (based on role) to publish the car post 


Upon facing any issues or problem feel free to contact any of the admins or:

Sadeq Jaafar

+973 66366113