Information for males that have sex with guys

Information for males that have sex with guys

Why have always been we more susceptible to getting HIV or perhaps an intimately sent Infection (STI)?

It’s important to just simply just take precautionary measures in order to avoid HIV that is catching or STIs during intercourse once the risk is greater for males that have intercourse with males compared to other folks. The reason being the liner for the rectum is more delicate than the liner of a vagina which is consequently more at an increased risk to become damaged.

Insertive rectal intercourse (topping) is normally a reduced danger for HIV than receptive rectal intercourse (bottoming), but both topping and bottoming during unprotected (condomless) rectal intercourse is regarded as risk that is high.

Guys who’ve intercourse with men comprised 45% of brand new HIV diagnoses in 2017 in the united kingdom. Within Solent Sexual Health males who’ve sex with men comprised 48% of all of the brand new HIV diagnoses in 2018.

There are also increases into the amount of Syphilis and Gonorrhoea diagnoses in Hampshire. These two could be handed down by condomless intercourse along with anal intercourse.

With PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) being more readily available, many people might be placing by themselves at greater threat of getting an STI as PrEP just protects against HIV transmission.

Lowering your danger of getting an STI or HIV

The way that is best to guard your self if you should be likely to have oral or rectal intercourse is work with a condom each and every time. While they aren’t 100% assured, whenever utilized correctly condoms are really effective. Top methods for utilizing condoms.

Condoms also come in different sizes and varieties, consequently when you haven’t quite discovered the right fit or feel, take to utilizing alternative sizes, brands and kinds to see just what works for you. If you’re responsive to latex, decide to try making use of latex condoms that are free. Condoms can be obtained free via our Condoms by Post solution.

You’ll be able to lower your danger by:

  • Utilizing lubrication. We advice water based lube, nonetheless this could easily be sticky or dry helping to make condom splitting much more likely. Keep refreshing it with an increase of lube or a couple of falls of water while having sex. Spit can spread some STIs, therefore avoid making use of saliva.
  • Reducing the true range intimate lovers you’ve got
  • Getting tested for STIs before sex with somebody brand new and advising that in addition they have tested. Then 3 monthly STI testing is recommended if you are having frequent changes in sexual partners.
  • Reducing other activities which could impact your choices, such has eating too much liquor or using drugs.
  • Getting immunised (vaccinated) against Hepatitis B, Hepatitis an and some forms of HPV.

If you utilize medications within the sex you might be having (Chemsex), it is vital that you be informed for the dangers included and just how to relax and play since properly as you possibly can. Some types of Chems pose a greater danger to you personally since they causes long run health conditions such as for instance despair, weight reduction and dependence that is psychological. To learn more about playing properly, follow this link.

That you have been exposed to HIV click here if you are worried.

Professional solutions we could provide for your requirements


  • Hepatitis a for males
  • Hepatitis B for males
  • Peoples Papillomavirus (HPV) for males aged between 15 and 45

MSM clinic (Hospital Xtra):

Clinic Xtra provides tailored solutions for males who possess intercourse with guys including:

  • post publicity prophylaxis for HIV (PEPSE)
  • advice and help for pre publicity prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP)
  • Referrals for support around ChemSex and substance risk and misuse decrease
  • STI assessment and therapy

Clinic Xtra intimate wellness clinics can be obtained at:

  • St Marys Hospital, Portsmouth: Thursday 5:00 – 7:00pm
  • Royal Southern Hants Hospital, Southampton: 5:00 – 7:00pm thursday
  • Crown Heights, Basingstoke: 5:00 – 7:00pm monday
  • Andover wellness Centre: Friday 10:30am – 12:00pm

Do you want assistance to lessen your risk?

If you want to discover more on help available or further advice, it is possible to organize to see certainly one of our overall health promotion practitioners. Please contact 0300 300 2016 and inquire to speak to the Sexual Health marketing Team or e-mail

Are you confronted with HIV?

If you’re worried you may have been subjected to HIV (had non-safe sex with somebody whoever HIV status you may not understand, or understand to be positive rather than on completely suppressed (undetectable) on therapy, or shared injecting equipment), you are qualified to receive Post-exposure Prophylaxis.

Effective HIV treatment (ART) lets people lead healthy lives that are active additionally protects their lovers. When load that is viral invisible on ART, HIV is not any longer sexually transmitted – with or without condoms. The ev

Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP or PEPSE) is medicine you can easily just simply simply take in reducing the opportunity of HIV transmission. It really is four weeks course this is certainly very long of that is taken after unsafe sex where there’s been a greater chance of exposure. PEP or PEPSE should be studied just as feasible after intercourse, and surely within 72 hours. The sooner it really is started the much more likely it really is to the office. You will have to have an assessment having a medical practitioner or nursing assistant just before are recommended this medication. It is necessary you have started it that you complete the course once.

If you’re concerned you have now been subjected to HIV you indian dating really need to go to certainly one of our clinics, or an Accident and crisis division instantly.

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